About Ella

Ella DawnElla Dawn is a psychic medium, tarot and angel card reader and teacher, aura photographer, certified reiki master and teacher, angel therapy practitioner, wiccan spell caster, clinical certified hypnotherapist, paranormal investigator, kundalini specialist, astral projector and teacher, spiritual counselor and gemstone specialist. She was born full memory of life between lives and some of her past lives.

She could also astral project and see and feel energy and auras. In her teens she bought her first tarot deck and learned to read with great detail. She also started collecting gemstones and crystals and studied them extensively over the years. She is familiar with over 2000 different stones, their properties on physical, emotional and spiritual levels as well as their hardness, healing properties, quality, care, charging and fixing any impurities. She uses her gemstones in each of her healing sessions. She studied natural medicine and the use of herbs and essential oils to help heal and improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of others. Today she is a wellness advocate for Doterra and makes oil and herbal medicines, as well as spiritual baths. She has completed a reiki, angel therapy and a nursing course to help her understand both Eastern and Western styles of medicine which helps her detect imbalances and blockages in human aura and chakras, allowing her to focus on these areas for the maximum benefit of each healing session. She has purchased and mastered an aura photography system to help her clients see their own auras, chakras and the effects of energy healing. This is one of her most popular and requested services today. Ella has also completed a psychology studies course and received her Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. She has successfully hypnotized and helped over 600 people to date. The amount of paranormal experiences she has had during her life has inspired her to become a paranormal investigator and researcher. She has over 200 pictures, videos and evps with spirit activity recorded. She hosts yearly trips to haunted locations and allows the public to go on professional investigations with her.

Today Ella is a part of a spiritual store called"The Genie Within" where she sees her clients, hosts psychic parties, holistic clinic events, meditation circles, classes and spiritual church meetings. Her mission statement is not to turn anyone away regardless of their status. She works with clients on payments, prices and packages to make sure everyone is able to get assistance. Ella has quit her good paying nursing job to do this work full time because she does it out of pure love, compassion and calling to help others.